My Top Takeaways from #MW18, Now on Medium

Last week was the 2018 Museums and the Web Conference, held this year in lovely Vancouver, Canada. Since this was my second year, I was a lot more prepared for what to expect and how to navigate it. I also got a lot more involved by volunteering, chairing a session, presenting a workshop, and participating as an expert on the Web Application Critique panel.

Check out my article on Medium for some of the major takeaways I had from the conference and some cool tools I discovered: “My Top Takeaways from Museums and the Web 2018”

Published by Kate Meyers Emery

An anthropologist dedicated to public engagement, education and outreach both online and in-person to share cultural heritage and history. A researcher and educator with over ten years of experience leveraging digital platforms to engage and educate the public and museum-goers. An enthusiastic leader who uses experimentation and data to drive creative and strategic problem solving. A lifelong learner committed to developing new strategies and initiatives in light of new tools, research and evidence. . Follow her at @kmeyersemery on Twitter and Instagram.

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