My Vision for 2018


In October, Nina Simon wrote a post on Museum 2.0 about creating a vision for yourself in your job, specifically looking at how this exercise could help her and her employees clarify their thinking for the future and empower them.

She wrote that “A vision is not a solution to a problem. A vision is a detailed history of the future. It’s a story written from the vantage point of a few months or years from now. It’s a story of what happened after you launched that program, gave that speech, conquered that challenge. What does the world look like in that future? What’s different about your life, your work? That’s the story a vision tells.” She continues to write that it one should “Put in everything you want to see happen–even if it seems impossible. Don’t focus on how you got there. Write about where you arrived.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about my job and my goals for the next year, and I keep coming back to that blog post. So instead of sharing my goals, I’m going a few of my visions for the next year.

My Visions for 2018:

  • My colleagues feel empowered to create their own digital content to be shared online: they write blog posts, they take photos meant for Instagram, they suggest stories and opportunities, and become actively involved in our social media using their own personal or professional accounts.
    • Curators and assistant-curators share favorite objects, updates on the exhibitions they are working on, and behind the scenes looks at what their job consists of
    • Conservators and object prep share the work they are doing and how they often have to come up with creative and innovative methods to conserve the objects in the collection
    • Visitor Services staff and docents will share stories that they hear from guests, because they are our frontline and know first hand whether we are achieving on site what we hope to
    • Marketing, membership, maintenance, development and more will show how a museum is more than collections
  • We are the go-to contact when any other museum, non-profit, or local institution is doing a social media campaign.
    • Whenever someone launches a new social media hashtag campaign, they think of us and reach out to have us join in and share our collections.
    • Whenever someone wants to do something fun and different to engage people online, they think of us and reach out to brainstorm interesting ideas.
  • People come to the museum as a way to get inspired and share these work on social media, tagging the museum or the works that inspired them.
    • Visitors to our exhibitions, theater, mansion and gardens see these spaces not as static spaces, but as a place where they can go to get inspired, to ask questions, to have conversations, and think creatively.
    • By sharing the experiences of other guests and creating spaces where they feel comfortable, guests continue to share, discuss, and engage before and after the museum visit.
    • To aid in this, we have an international and local network of influencers around the world who help us to create content, share their experience of the museum, and help us promote the collections in new and exciting ways.
  • We re-assess the ways we are using social media and the accounts that we have to create a more unified but also more personalized experience for our followers and guests.
    • Social media is dynamic, and so are we- we use analytics to look at all our accounts to see which are in need of a makeover, which are good to continue, and which should be decommissioned (or if new ones need to be created).
    • We experiment with new types of content and new campaigns to reach different audiences and re-engage our current fan base.
  • I learn more about the ways that people interact and engage with social media
    • Over the next year, I keep up with the new scholarly research from across different disciplines about how people engage online
    • I seek out different social media and digital humanities groups to learn from, and continue to build my own knowledge of what is happening broadly in online spaces

What is your vision?

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