My Top Takeaways from #SproutSessions: Inspiring Action 2018

Sprout Social has been hosting a series of online webinar-based conferences, where digital attendees can hear from a variety of speakers on topics relating to social media, from how to use influencers to crisis management.

There are a few things I enjoy about these webinars: 1) they are totally free, 2) they feature a diverse group of speakers who work at a wide variety of companies and at different levels within them, 3) they are available on YouTube so if you miss one you can easily catch up, and 4) the topics are fabulous and the speakers usually give you some easy takeaways for your brand.

I didn’t listen to all of the talks- some weren’t as relevant to me and what I’m doing at the moment- but, I wanted to share some of the top things I learned and how I’m hoping to implement these into my social media strategies.

Want to catch up? You can access all of the videos here:

Want to read my full takeaways, check it out on Medium: 

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